What Is Duitnow in Malaysia?

What Is Duitnow in Malaysia

Ever wondered about DuitNow in Malaysia? You’re not alone! It’s a new, convenient way to transfer money instantly. You won’t need account numbers, just the recipient’s mobile number or identity card number.

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional transfers. Get ready to discover how DuitNow is changing the game in financial transactions, and even in online casinos!

Dive in to learn more about the benefits and how it compares to other services.

Understanding DuitNow Services

DuitNow’s services, which are at your fingertips, provide a seamless and efficient way for you to transfer money instantly. You don’t have to worry about remembering complicated bank account numbers anymore. Instead, you just need the recipient’s mobile number, NRIC, or business registration number. It’s that simple!

DuitNow’s system is secure, reliable, and available 24/7, which means you can make transactions anytime, anywhere. Plus, it’s not limited to just one bank. You can transfer funds across different banks in Malaysia with ease.

How to Use DuitNow

Often, you’ll find yourself using DuitNow for your financial transactions due to its convenience and efficiency.

To get started, you need to register with your bank’s mobile or internet banking. Simply link your mobile number, NRIC, or business registration number to your bank account number.

Next, to transfer money, log into your banking platform, select DuitNow, enter the recipient’s mobile number or NRIC, and confirm the transaction. Don’t worry about fees, it’s free for transfers up to RM5,000.

With DuitNow, you won’t have the hassle of asking for bank account numbers anymore.

Benefits of Using DuitNow

With DuitNow, you’ll enjoy a plethora of benefits, starting with its user-friendly interface and efficient fund transfer system.

This digital platform not only simplifies your financial transactions but also offers a secure method for transferring money between banks in Malaysia.

  1. User-Friendly Features
    • You don’t need to remember bank account numbers, just use mobile numbers or NRIC.
    • It’s available 24/7, making it convenient for you to transfer funds anytime.
  2. Security
    • Your transactions are protected with robust security measures.
  3. Efficient and Fast
    • Transfers are instantaneous, saving you valuable time.

Incorporate DuitNow into your financial routine and experience a new level of convenience and efficiency.

Comparing Duitnow With Other Services

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of DuitNow, let’s delve into a comparison between DuitNow and other financial services available in Malaysia.

Unlike traditional bank transfers, DuitNow doesn’t require you to know the recipient’s bank account number. It’s as simple as knowing their phone number or ID.

Comparatively, services like Maybank2u or CIMB Clicks still require account details for transfers.

While e-wallets like GrabPay and Touch ‘n Go eWallet offer similar conveniences, they’re limited by the need to top up balances. DuitNow, on the other hand, allows direct transfers from your bank account, eliminating this extra step.

How Duitnow Using In Online Casino

You can frequently use DuitNow for your transactions in online casinos in Malaysia. The popularity of Duitnow also bringing the growth of Duitnow slot in most of the casino Malaysia. This making your gaming experience smoother and more convenient. This service allows you to transfer funds directly from your bank to your online casino account in real-time, so there’s no need to wait around.

  1. Choose DuitNow as your payment option in the casino’s cashier section.
    • Some casinos might list it under ‘bank transfers’.
  2. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
    • Make sure you meet the casino’s minimum deposit requirement.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete your transaction.
    • You’ll need to authenticate the transaction using your banking credentials.

Enjoy a seamless gaming experience, thanks to DuitNow!


In a nutshell, DuitNow is revolutionizing the way Malaysians handle money transfers. It’s fast, easy, and incredibly convenient. Users enjoy hassle-free transactions across multiple platforms, making it a top choice over traditional services.